About Deborah


Artist Statement

As a metalsmith, I fabricate my jewelry using the techniques of forging, raising, peening. milling and soldering sterling silver, 14 karat gold and goldfilled wire and sheet. Working the hard, cold metals into visually soft and fluid ornaments to wear gives me great satisfaction. I have always been drawn to the curved, organic forms of nature. One can see this reflected in my visual vocabulary in metal, a language evocative of grapevine tendrils, river ripples and cloudlike swirls.​

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My work has a simple elegance that complements the contours of the body. Most pieces are classics that transcend trends. The themes that I use include: leaves, florals, shells, orbits and linear abstractions. An occasional pearl might suggest a drop of dew. Grace and lyricism are woven throughout my collection. I invite you to view and select from my earrings, bracelets, pins and neckwear. To make my living doing something with my hands, something I am passionate about, is a gift.

Artist Biography

Deborah designs and fabricates her jewelry in her studio in Concord, MA. The studio is located in an artists’ building that is walking distance to the conservation land that provides much of the inspiration for her work. Deborah has a B.A. degree form Wesleyan University where she majored in studio art and minored in education.

She taught art in public secondary schools as a first career. Her focus was three dimensional art, particularly sculpting in clay both on and off the wheel. Over the years she converted her own private pottery studio into that of a metalsmith. She learned production jewelry-making in Wellesley, MA working part-time for Peter Wittman Jewelers.

Her porcelain ornaments easily translated into precious metal jewelry. In order to continue to expand her technical knowledge Deborah has taken workshops with metalsmithing masters Arlene Fisch, Tim McCreight, Michael Good, Betty Helen Longhi and Charles Lewton-Brain.

Deborah’s work has been represented nationally in galleries, museum and specialty shops and selected fine jewelry stores. Her jewelry has been featured in various publications, including Boston Magazine.

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